Friday, June 29, 2012

Mass Effect 3

   Hey bloggers!!  Before I proceed with the review for the game Mass Effect 3, let me just say this.  If you have yet to play both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, stop reading this blog now!  Spoilers will be found in this blog, and I don't wish to ruin the Mass Effect series for anyone.  This is a great game series, so please go play those two first.  This is a trilogy so they do go hand in hand together.  Also, I do youtube game blogs as well, they arent as in depth as the reviews found here.  Just look for howagirlgames on youtube.  So let's jump into the review.
       First of all when it comes to customizing your characters you have a lot more choices now, especially the hair.  Thats what I most noticed anyway.  For example, the girl hair colors now include: pink, purple, and silver.  Also everything is much more realistic.  Like the AI Avina you run into a lot in the first Mass Effect game.  Now she reminds me of Cortana from Halo, she blinks and has a more life like appearance.  Something you'd expect to see in a game that takes place in the future.
        Something that did take awhile to get used to is the fact they tried to make this game pretty emotional.  You're character has to deal more with the choices they make.  Its no longer good or evil, you have to make some pretty difficult choices.  So think carefully!  They tried to make it as emotionally possible for the gamer, without overdoing it.  Like you'll have nightmares now.  Well, your character will anyway.  If you do..well..i think you should stop gaming for awhile.  This is probably why a lot of people grip about Mass Effect 3.  But honestly what did you expect?  This is Mass Effect 3, the last game in the series.  Everything has been building up to this, of course its going to be sad and there are going to be some decisions you dont want to make, but thats how this game was designed.  It was kind of a given from the get go.  But if you dont like it, thats your choice.
       Remember all the dialogue choices you made in Mass Effect 1 and 2?  And how Sheperd didn't really change facial expessions?  Thats changed.  Now we honestly show emotion.  For example, during a conversation with EDI Sheperd honestly looked suprised, our jaw dropped and everything! I was so thrilled with that, that my husband gave me a funny look.  Yes, I squealed like a fan girl.
       You're load scene is no longer the same thing over and over again.  It changes now depending on where you are.  Sometimes you'll get game tips, or it'll say something about your current mission.  Most of the tip, like at the Citedal, it'll show a picture of where you are.  Not just a picture, a moving one.  Its pretty cool.  Though I am sad that the elevator is now gone, can't listen to music anymore.  But that also means you don't need to stand in the elevator to listen to your companions talk.  They talk to each other more now, kind of like Knights of the Old Republic.
       This next part of the review is probably what most of you were waiting for, the multiplayer.  The Multi-player feature I wasn't to thrilled about.  It did grow on me, but I still don't care much for it.  Yea you can be different races, but you have to unlock those.  Which is no big deal.  However, you have to play it regularly so your galaxy at war rating is 100%.  It'll slowly drop if you don't keep at it.  I was at 80% and didn't play for about a week, signed in and it was at 69%.  So I recommend playing a little at a time and when you're ready for the final battle, go play some multi-player and then go back into your game.  They really didn't think the concept through, in my opinion.  What if someone doesn't have live?  Not everyone who owns an xbox has a gold membership.  What about years from now they want to replay ME3, which will probably happen.  I still play old games.  I highly doubt anyone's going to be playing ME3 live, say 20 years from now.  But that's just my opinion.
          As always these are just my thoughts of the game, my opinions of it.  I hoped that is has helped you decide if this game is for you or not.  If you're still uncertain if you want to own it, maybe a friend of yours has it and will be willing to let you borrow it for awhile.  Or if you're lucky you live near a library that has games for rent.  I definatly recommend at least trying this game.  But like I said at the beginning, try Mass Effect 1 first, this is a trilogy.  The decisions you make in 1 effect Mass Effect 2, and those decisions then effect Mass Effect 3.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

     Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since my last post.  I was eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIII-2 and then playing it as much as possible.  Now that I've beaten it and am just doing the extra stuff available after the game I thought I'd go ahead and post my review.  Beware, I'll try to limit spoilers to a minimum.  However since this is a review I might spoil something, so read on at your own risk.
     The new cinematic battles scenes are a little strange at first but once you get used to them their actually a really cool new feature.  Always have your controller handy because some battles will have this, others will not and you never know which will.
    You're cute little moogle companion is like the dog in Fable.  For some of the treasure chests he will lead you to them and then stand there and glow until you open the chest.  He also helps with other treasure chests that you cannot get without him.  So if you hear him go 'kupo' watch him closely!
     The leveling is a little easier and less time consuming in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you can level whatever you want whenever you want without the caps.  However, at first I did prefer Final Fantasy XIII's crystalarium.  You could see everything and decide where you wanted to go.  In the new leveling screen you don't have to worry about those branches.  You only have to worry about how much CP you have, which role you want to level, and press A.  Easy.
     The monsters that you capture to fight at your side have special attacks that build up overtime.  Then when they pop up you have to push the buttons that pop up, much like your overdrives in Final Fantasy X.
      Remember in Final Fantasy XIII when you turned your game back on and loaded a save, it would give you a recap?  Those paragraphs you had to read are now short cut scenes :D  I used to skip the paragraphs because I would be doing extra things in an area for awhile and would get tired of listening to it, now though I let it play.  Why not?
     If you do not like solving puzzles then chances are you are not going to enjoy this game.  There are a few times that you do have to solve puzzles, again like Final Fantasy X.  There are three different types, I'll let you find out what they are for yourself.  Sometimes you are timed, just take your time and don't rush yourself.
     The last thing I have to say about this game is this.  I love Final Fantasy!  I was first introduced to the series with X, and then backtracked to Final Fantasy VII.  I've played Final Fantasy VII-XIII-2.  So the only way I can sum of this review without giving any spoilers is to say this: I greatly disliked this game despite being a Final Fantasy fan.  The replay value of this game is very low.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fable 3 Review

   Okay I was super super excited about this game! I loved Fable and Fable 2!  And who didn't enjoy having an adorable puppy follow you around?
   Fable 3 was interesting, but I don't see myself playing it through again.  Even for the achievements, and I love getting achievements lol.  The game is extremly glitchy and you can't save multiply times.  So if you happen to be running through town or on a quest and you hear people talking, stop and listen.  Do not move until they are done.  This happened to my husband, we were playing under his game on a side quest you had to do to build up your rep.  We were listening to these people talk while walking through their 'board game' and the game glitched.  He had to restart his game from the very beginning.
   The interactions aren't as fun as they were in Fable 3, and the menu isn't as easy to access.  But hey, you have a treasure room that fills with gold the richer you get, and a little table that presents sit on from other games or from the citizens of Fable.
   A good thing about Fable 3, people no longer run in fear if you push the wrong button and happen to pull our your gun or shoot magic.  Which since I do that a lot, is quite relieving.  And say your playing with someone else on their game? You can move freely, both of you can.  For example, many times my husband and I lost each other in town on this game.  We wound up on other sides of town trying to figure out which way to go.  The only off thing about this is you no longer have that button to push that teleports you to your companion.  But I can live with that since I can runaway from the other character.  You can't leave or enter town without each other or talk to quest people without the other person present though.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Skyrim Review

   Alright I know this game has been out for awhile, but its my newest one.  For those of you who have yet to play this game, read at your own risk.
   This game starts out much like its predecessor, Oblivion.  Your a criminal but you're not in jail, nope, you're just about to get executed.  Then a dragon saves you're pretty little head from falling off, and I must say that the dragons in this game look awesome!! I was afraid that they would look cheesy but they look really good! Shame we have to kill them.  But my husband assures me that not all the dragons are bad.  He's further along on the main quest then I am, I've spent most of my time doing side quests.
   Eventually you get a house carl who goes adventuring with you and can help you carry you're things so you dont get over encumbered. The nice thing about being over encumbered in this game, you can still move.  However, you can't fast travel so keep that in mind when you decide to pick up everything in sight.
   You can craft your own weapons, cook, and make potions.  I dont really see the point in cooking, you can make food to either eat or sell but it doesn't help you level up or anything like that.  Still its fun.
     The Thieves Guild and Darkbrother Hood are still there, yay!! Gotta love these guilds.  However, just killing one person will not land you in the Darkbrother Hood, you have to listen to rumors to get a certain quest and then take a nap.  Then, Wa-La! You're kidnapped, thats what it seemed like to me anyway lol.  There is no Fighters Guild or Mages Guild.  There is the Champions and the Mages College though, basically the same thing.  Be weary when you join the Champions though.  My husband was not pleased when I told him and quite doing the quests for them for awhile lol.  I'm content with it though :D Stops you from getting any illnesses.
     So far I have yet to run into any major problems with the game.  I've had one glitched quest that says its done, but I never completed it and if I talk to the guy who gave me the quest he tells me to finish it.  No biggie though, there are plenty of other things to do in Skyrim.  Also, the game will start to freeze after awhile.  I think its just Skyrim's way of saying 'you've played to long, turn me off.'  You can easily get around this though, just save and go to your dashboard then once there go back into skyrim and its no longer freezing.  I've also come across a rather funny glitch that fixed itself.  A blacksmith was working at his bench, hammering a weapon.  Yet stuck to his hammer was a broom.  I thought it was hilarious and was going to record it with my camera, but it fixed itself by the time I found my camera :(